Life is full of challenges.

Challenges in work, family, society, literally everywhere. If you want to follow your dream, there are many challenges in the ways. For me, just basic interactions with other people bring many challenges.

I think it’s all about what you do with these challenges. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had many challenges that kicked my ass, completely halted any and all progress I’ve made to growing myself into a mature person. Sometimes these challenges will take the wind right out of your sail.

What matters is not how you reacted, what matters is how are you going to overcome this challenge. Just the specific challenge at hand. Take everything as they come.

If you have a dream or a passion that you want to pursue but are afraid of the challenges involved, just take it slow. Start a to do list. Don’t make it a 5 year plan, make a to do list for that day, or for the next day if you are like me and procrastinate or just can’t get motivated to do anything “that” day. 

Start researching about that passion, or start trying to conversate with people you see everyday.

Little steps, and rewarding yourself when those little steps are done or even in progress. Celebrate the progress and learn from the declines.


The BLM Movement and the Feminist movement.

I’ll start off by saying you may get offended, and I’m sorry.

But this whole movement has transpired into something similar to what feminism did. 

Both movements started off by having great values and ideas and now they have turned into a platform where these so called adults will say all of this stuff but don’t follow through with any of the ideas and values they tell everyone about.

Like BLM and the pride parade. The pride parade is all about inclusion and they want to ban the cops from being there? Talk about inclusion… 

Same with the feminist movement recently. It used to be all about equality and a few select people turned it into a literal “man” hunt.

And the violence….. like why do you need to be violent to get your point across? When has violence stopped anything? 

And then when all of those people who were “fighting” for the BLM movement got what they wanted ( cops banned) they still showed up late, and didn’t register like everyone else needed to. 

They can’t have it both ways, they can’t call for inclusion and then ban other parties. That’s ridiculous to me. I’m sure there are some legitimate supporters of both, but when you have these other people making drama,and aren’t happy when they get what they were asking for, they make that whole movement look bad.

If you really are serious about any movement, take some action. Write to MPs, write to the government or respected parties. But please don’t be a dick about it. If a city or an organization compromises with you, be appreciative, don’t go on being a drama maker. Go and fight the cause, don’t fight the people. 

Growing up

I’ve done a lot of growing up in the last 6 years ( having a baby will do that). 

But not only have I matured in the parenting department, I’ve matured in my thoughts and feelings about relationships.

I value the friends in my life, and I value the family I have in my life. I can now value the conversations I have, and I can value the people who make an effort with me.

I’m not always the nicest person to like, I’ve got my problems. But there are some people in my life who haven’t left, who have stayed by my side even when I felt the worst about myself and my life.

I have people in my life who were there and supported me through really rough times. 

I’ve lost quite a few relationships too. Most by my own accord due to the other person being toxic and unhealthy. I couldn’t allow these people to continue their war path in my life. I suffered long enough by them and I didn’t deserve it anymore. My family didn’t deserve it anymore.

I’ve grown up enough to know I deserve effort and respect in my relationships. I can also realize when my effort needs to be reigned back a bit due to uncontrollable circumstances. 

I’m less consumed by hurt and jealousy when I’m put on the back burner constantly. Because life gets busy, and not everyone has the time for friends or stuff like that. 

I value my mostly weekly talks with my mom. I love her. She’s been having a rough time recently and it’s made me sad for her. She’s an extremely strong person who can handle a hell of a lot ( I wonder where I get that from?) but sometimes those really strong people need a break. 

Strong people hold on to and deal with a lot of stuff. Because somebody has to. Someone has to be the one to pick up where everyone lacks. Somebody’s gotta be the one that pushes through all of those negative feelings, and take care of the people who need it the most.

I hope that anyone who feels that they are holding onto and dealing with a lot of crap because someone has to can read this and know that’s it’s ok to take a break for yourself everyone in a while. You need to take care of yourself before or as you are taking care of everyone else.


This has bothered me for quite some time and I got to say something.

If your child is invited to a child’s event, I’ve got some tips for you:

If you can leave while your child plays make sure they know the rules. If you stay and watch, supervise your child. 

I shouldn’t have to parent your child because you aren’t there. Why is it that some parents think they can just leave their children to do whatever they want without even watching them?

I’m all for letting children play but please make sure to tell them even the basic of rules ie: no hands on. 

I should NOT have to put your child on timeout because he can’t keep his hands to himself. Either stay and parent your child or do the parenting before. But please do something, I’m tired of having to deal with other people’s children because the parents aren’t there. 

Letting go of those pesky negative feelings.

I’ve dealt with a lot of shit in my life.

I’ve been cheated on, insulted, bullied, teased, laughed at, and ignored.

Some of that still bothers me to this day. I think that’s where my social anxiety came from. I also had a brother who purposely hurt me with his words and insults about my weight, and a father you didn’t really care enough to notice.

I’ve had people lie to me, tell me they will be in my life and then make no effort to even talk to me. 

But somehow, I’m here. And I’m stronger for all of that struggle. You see, even though I have dealt with a lot of crap, I know I came out the other side stronger.

Yes it was hard, and still is. But what I like to think, is that it’s now in the past and what I should be worrying about is how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Think forward instead of backward. Start telling yourself that it’s in the past, and you need to let go. Not forget because that just isn’t possible. But letting go of all of the negative feelings associated with that person.

Is holding on to these hurt feelings useful for you? Do you think the other person is making it as big of a deal as you are? I highly doubt it.

You are giving them power that they don’t deserve. Take it back….. and move on. 🙂


I just recently saw a post on Facebook that made me go “huh?”

It was all about how this lady and her 4 yr old daughter went into a local store and started shopping. Well like children do, the daughter ended up needing to use a washroom.

Well the mother went to the cashier and asked where the bathroom is. So the cashier says ” we don’t have one”. You think, the customer probably just said ok and left to go find a bathroom.

However that’s not what happened. This adult asked the cashier ” Well where do you go?. And so the cashier says ” we have one, but it’s not for the public.” 

So this mom is on social media bitching that an employee at a local store wouldn’t let her use the staff only bathroom.

Are you serious? Why are you assuming they will have a public bathroom? Also why are you assuming this employee will make an exception for you? 

I can’t even believe how many comments defended the mom. I’m a mom myself, but taking it out on the cashier who is just doing her job is disgusting.

If you agree, let me know. Have you ever dealt with an entitled customer? Or person? Do you agree with the mom in this scenario?