A better week

This week was mainly filled with getting laundry done. It’s has been a huge stressor and cause for anxiety for quite a while now. But I finally bunkered down and got a lot of it done.

I finally starting individual counselling last Friday. And I’m in pretty high spirits about it. Even though it’s only been one session and that was basically a “get to know you” session, I know this will bring me somewhere. Who knows where? It may lead to more questions than answers, it may answer some of my burning internal questions about myself, it may also only get me so far. But already it has kicked my butt into at least one gear higher already. That’s where all of the energy to do the laundry came from.

I need to start doing something. My life hasn’t been an easy one, even until now it’s been quite the struggle. So doing something is sometimes extremely hard to do. I can get overwhelmed with huge tasks, I don’t handle change well. But after my counselling session, I had alittle boost to things.

Like tomorrow, I’m gonna be going to the career center here in my city to see if I can get some help. My career/job status has also been a huge stressor and a cause for anxiety. For quite some time now, I’ve struggled with you I am. So finding a career that I’m passionate about is proving to be difficult. I also have I guess what you could call “roadblocks” in my way as well to finding a job. I’ve got a daughter, and my husband works part time. We can not afford a babysitter so one of us has to be home with her. And my husbands shifts are sporadic and not on a set schedule. I’m worried that I’ll be asking too much of the employer. I wish I didn’t have to worry so much. I worry a lot.

I have another counselling appt this coming Friday, so I’m hoping we can start getting into the nitty gritty details about things. I’ve learned it always takes me 2-4 sessions before we start actually making progress. Before I finally get down to being 100% honest with my own feelings as well as what the counsellor is saying. Here’s to hoping!

Thank you the everyone who reads my blogs. I much appreciate it, and would love to hear from others. What have you conquered this week? Even the smallest thing can be conquered.


Career path?

I’ve always wondered what career path I should take. I’ve never really known the kind of person I am or what I really want.

I’ve thought about counselling for years. But I figured out that I’m too emotional for that. So I’d have to work on separating my own feelings and my work. Which I can do, and it’s still high on the list.

But I’ve been thinking more and more about the way I think and why the world works. I can put myself in others shoes, and feel their emotions. Im can also be opinionated. 

So what about journalism? Reporting news, gathering facts, giving my opinion on world events. Or maybe even having an advice column? I’m so excited to start this new adventure. :)!