So we currently have a shared yard. I’m not a huge fan but we got what we got.

So one of my neighbours has decided that our yard is a perfect yard for their dog to be tied up in.

And I’m not ok with that. They don’t even watch the dog, so it goes to the bathroom where ever it wants to. And because they don’t pay attention the dog craps, where my daughter plays.

How are people so inconsiderate. It’s a shared yard!! Where kids play!?!?

I wish people thought about these things.



I just recently saw a post on Facebook that made me go “huh?”

It was all about how this lady and her 4 yr old daughter went into a local store and started shopping. Well like children do, the daughter ended up needing to use a washroom.

Well the mother went to the cashier and asked where the bathroom is. So the cashier says ” we don’t have one”. You think, the customer probably just said ok and left to go find a bathroom.

However that’s not what happened. This adult asked the cashier ” Well where do you go?. And so the cashier says ” we have one, but it’s not for the public.” 

So this mom is on social media bitching that an employee at a local store wouldn’t let her use the staff only bathroom.

Are you serious? Why are you assuming they will have a public bathroom? Also why are you assuming this employee will make an exception for you? 

I can’t even believe how many comments defended the mom. I’m a mom myself, but taking it out on the cashier who is just doing her job is disgusting.

If you agree, let me know. Have you ever dealt with an entitled customer? Or person? Do you agree with the mom in this scenario? 

Small town vs city 

The debate has cross my mind often. And for a while I wanted to stay in the city because everything is here. I loved most of my life here so of course I’m going to want to stay.

But recently I’ve taken some trips to some small towns, and I’m reminded why I like them more.

You see, I’m super compassionate and kind. And living in a city will not allow that. The more people,the more amentities, the more “busy” everything gets. There’s a certain hustle and bustle of a city. 

But in small towns everything is slower, people are nicer, and more patient. That’s where I belong, where everything is calmer and relaxed. City’s are cool and all but in order for me to live a full life I gotta get out of this city.